AI Workers for Insurance

Use AI workers to augment your staff, so your team can focus on serving clients instead of admin work.

Hire AI, not staff.

Use AI workers to:

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Auto-generate personalized Client Proposals

Client proposals is how relationships are valued. But, let's be honest, they're really time-consuming. What if AI could handle generating personalized client proposal for you? That's exactly what Layerup AI will do.

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Handle COI requests

Layerup AI automatically handles COI requests and helps provide an exceptional client experience.

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Being proactive about renewals is critical. This determines the amount of business you'll retain. Layerup AI, your AI Account manager, handles this for you, so you can focus on client relations.

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Automate calls

Forms and hold times don't build loyalty. Layerup's Voice AI goes beyond just inbound calls, after hours system, or a weekend system. It automates outbound too. Expedite services, close more revenue, and increase retention.

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Automatically enter data from documents to system of records

Manually doing data entry or hiring in-house to do so is both expensive and time consuming. Layerup AI extracts data from documents and automatically handles data entry onto your system of record.

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Data Entry and Auto-filling repetitive portals

Do you manually fill out multiple portals for individual clients? Let Layerup AI do this in seconds instead of spending hours.

Stay ahead of the curve

18+ hours
saved per week (on average)
Average salary of an Account Manager
More affordable than outsourcing or adding more staff
Data Entry Automation

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Pricing work?

Layerup AI charges per task, which helps us align the pricing with our customers' needs. Book a demo to find out your custom quote.

How do you handle variable situations?

Layerup AI was built specifically to handle document and voice variability. We use best-in-class models for both. Whether it's a different document or a different term within the same document, Layerup AI can handle both. Imagine the time/cost savings if you didn't have to read through every single document.

Do you help with Implementation and training?

Absolutely! We'll make sure Layerup is fully implemented for you. It doesn't take more than 30 mins to implement Layerup AI:)

How does the price compare to simply hiring Account Managers on my team?

When Customers have compared Layerup AI to existing employees they typically include the following inputs to estimate their costs per month:

1. Total number of renewals, client proposals, quote/policy comparison, manual data entry, and other admin tasks.
2. How many account managers are currently doing these tasks.
3. How much time are your account managers spending doing these tasks.
4. Hourly rates of your Account Managers.
5. The additional overhead cost of recruiting, onboard, training, and certifying full-time employees.

How exactly does Layerup AI work?

Layerup AI is basically your own AI Assistant. It automates your phone calls and handles admin work for you automatically. You don't need to learn another app. Layerup AI runs magically in the background for you.